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An Affiliate Program is a partnership with a merchant who pays you a percentage of the revenues generated by customers that you have introduced to them.

We have two types of affiliations: Online affiliate and Offline affiliate

As an online affiliate, you will send traffic to our brand mainly through your website. You will have the opportunity to use branded banners and landing pages to promote our brand. 

If you do not have a website, this is not a problem. You will need to sign up as an offline affiliate. You will be able to refer friends or to use your personal network to promote our brand. Any street marketing methods can be used for this purpose.

As one of our partners you will be richly rewarded for the traffic you send to the Nairabet Partners brand through your various marketing activities. The more players you refer to, the more money you can make!

The way you will promote our brand will depend on whether you will sign up as an Online affiliate or an Offline affiliate. 

For Online affiliates:

Step 1: Place links/banners/landing pages on your website and/ or social media to our Nairabet Partners brand.

Step 2: These links must contain your unique Affiliate ID number so that we can track the traffic that comes from your website.

Step 3: If any visitor follows your link to open an account with us, you will start earning commission based on the net revenue that they generate, once the KYC process is completed. 

For Offline affiliates:

Step 1: Use any street marketing methods/word-of-mouth strategies/ or social media to register customers to our Nairabet Partners brand.

Step 2: You will use a link containing your unique Affiliate ID number so that we can track the traffic that comes from your website.

Step 3: If any visitor uses your link to open an account with us, you will start earning commission based on the net revenue that they generate, once the KYC process is completed.

Simply click the ‘Sign Up’ button at the top of the page to select which type of affiliate program you would like to get started with.

Nairabet is happy to partner with a wide range of websites, provided that they neither contain nor promote offensive or illegal content.

It is absolutely free to join.

Yes – the application process requires you to complete a short online registration form. If you have any difficulties when registering, please contact us and we will be happy to assist. 

Nairabet Partners operates a revenue-share payment scheme, so you earn a minimum of 25% share of the monthly net revenue generated by players you refer to!

When a new customer follows or uses your affiliate click-through referral link, fully registers and makes an initial deposit, you will earn a minimum of 25% commission of their net revenue lifetime.

We would be happy to discuss customised commission structures as well. Please discuss your particular needs with your account manager.

Payment Options

All payments will be made by bank transfer.

At the end of each month NetRefer calculates your commission automatically. Your commission will be paid out through bank transfer. Payments of more than NGN 25,000  are being paid manually within the first 10 working days of each month. Payments of less than NGN 25,000 will be carried over to the next month.

As an affiliate you will benefit from any players whom you refer to our products (casino or sports betting) lifetime. Your Affiliate ID will be linked to their account, so each time they play we are able to track their losses to you.

Marketing Tools

Our Media Library is constantly update with creative banners, landing pages and HTML codes for our partners to use.

Simply log in to your account, select ‘Media’ and then ‘Media Gallery’.

Account Tracking and Reporting

Every affiliate is assigned a unique username and Affiliate ID (e.g. 2585965) when they register at Nairabet Partners to help identify the traffic coming from their sites. The HTML code for all the marketing creatives you take from our Media Library will contain your unique Affiliate ID so that we will be able to track your players as they sign up and deposit.

Customer views, clicks and resulting sign-ups are tracked in NetRefer through a tracking code. This is done by placing a ‘BTag’ in a cookie, which includes your unique Affiliate ID, your Website ID (if any) and the Banner ID. NetRefer also tracks customer deposits and wagering activity in various reports. We encourage Online affiliates to update their banners regularly, since old banners may become deactivated and their new referrals will not be tracked.

You will be able to monitor the progress of your campaigns through our centralised online statistical reports. Our reports are updated once per day so you will always have the data you need to stay on top of your campaigns. As well as compiling comprehensive player reports, you can monitor your payments and earnings throughout the month.

No. In fact, it is best if you use the same account for all of your websites. However, you can use different Marketing Sources to define different websites.

Upon registration, you will need to register one Marketing Source only; however, you can add more Marketing Sources in the “My Account” section.

Nairabet Partners Support

For any support you may need please contact: [email protected]

If you have forgotten your password, please select the ‘Forgot Password’ option and fill in the form. Instructions on how to reset your password will be sent to your registered email address.