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About Us

Nairabet is Nigeria’s leading force in terms of Sports Betting, Casino and Virtuals games. We share our players’ passion for sports and work hard to ensure that Nairabet gives them the best betting experience possible.

Why choose us? Our brand is synonymous with reliability and accessibility, as well as a huge range of odds on sports events across the world. If it’s fast games you’re after, our frequent Virtuals fixtures mean that customers can always find a way to win on football, basketball and more!

There’s more to Nairabet than just sports betting, though. You’ll find all the favourite slots and table games. Players can try their luck at the roulette wheel or spin to win with hundreds of slots.

Rewards Plan

Become an Affiliate

You now have the exclusive opportunity to make money as a Nairabet Partner Affiliate. You will receive a unique registration link for the website with which to sign up new customers.  

Acquire Customers

Use your registration link to bring customers from your network to make a deposit on our website. You will receive a minimum of 25% commission fee (with no admin fee!) on the Net Revenue made on every new customer. 


We send money fast via bank transfer.

Dedicated Team

Our trained staff will provide you with regular exclusive offers and promotions! You’ll have all the tools you need to attract new customers to nairabet and start earning!

Online or offline affiliate?

We have two different types of affiliate accounts – online and offline.

Online Affiliate

Use of your network’s or website’s daily visitors to make profit by advertising Nairabet
Huge variety of banners and sizes that you can choose from 
Possibility to become our partner in multiple geos and increase your profit

Offline Affiliate

No website required
Refer a friend or use your own network to win an exclusive reward
Use any street marketing methods to promote your link (fliers, coupons, posters, art displays…)


Why should a player choose to sign up to Nairabet? It won’t take a lot to convince them!  

Win Bonus – Up to 500% Win Bonus for 50 selections. 

Customers will receive a bonus on winning bets that have 5 selections or more. The bonus starts at 5% increase on winnings for 5-folds, and goes up to 500% increase on winnings for 50-folds. 

Bonus is paid on winning bets. The more selections in your betslip, the bigger the bonus will be. Bonus is calculated for winning selections ONLY. 

One Game Cut – NairaBET rewards punters who were unlucky because one game spoilt their ticket. Imagine playing a bet of 15 games with N100 and you wanted to win N200,000 and one game spoils that ticket. At NairaBET, we will pay you a part of that N200,000.00 winning whereas other bookies will return the amount you used to stake, which is just a hundred Naira (N100).